New IACP Training Course-Terrorism Tactics & Counter Measures – “Homicide Bombers”

Terrorism Tactics and Counter Measures – “Homicide Bombers” COURSE OVERVIEW This course is designed for Command Staff and Police Administrators assigned the responsibility of developing Department Policies, Procedures and the Training Programs that support them. This course will provide an in-depth examination of Terrorism Tactics and the Counter-Measures used to maintain Homeland Security by both patrol and SWAT personnel. Topics include an overview of terrorist homicide bombings (international and domestic), explosive devices and blast dynamics, tactical intervention and interdiction team concepts, tactical sniper/observer concepts, a legal review, use of force policies and training issues. Upon completion of this course the attendee will be familiar with: 1. Historical Overview of the Terrorist Homicide Bomber 2. Terrorist Explosive Devices and Blast Dynamics 3. Law Enforcement Counter-Measures for Homicide Bombers 4. Tactical Intervention Team Concepts 5. Tactical Interdiction Team Concepts 6. Legal Issues Concerning Terrorism 7. Use of Force Issues Related to Homicide Bombers 8. Law Enforcement Agencies Policy and Procedures 9. Training Issues Related to Homicide Bombers The following new course is available for scheduling.