<b>IACP President Joseph Estey's Statement About Hurricane Katrina.</b>

“We have all been motivated by the devastation and heartbreak that has unfolded before us in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Here, at IACP, we have received numerous inquiries from the membership regarding what we can do, as an association, to respond to these problems and how agencies everywhere can help. “IACP has been working with officials in contact with the state associations and state police in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We also have been working with the United States Government at the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Defense in an attempt to determine what the federal government’s response will be and how to best utilize the resources we could marshal. “As has been just announced, the federal government is taking both a short term and a long term approach to addressing the problems in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. National Guard troops will be sent to Louisiana for the next couple of weeks. They will work under the direction of the State and the New Orleans Police Department to meet the challenges there. On a more extended basis, we understand that law enforcement needs will be met with the assistance of police agencies around the country. These efforts will be handled between the states by their emergency management agencies. “We applaud this approach and believe it will bring meaningful assistance to these states in an orderly manner. It also will allow for police chiefs, like so many of you who have contacted IACP in recent days, to offer your services and assistance directly to needy communities in an effective and efficient manner. “In time, as order is restored, there will still be tremendous needs and opportunities for the IACP membership to step up and provide assistance in many ways. You can rest assured that we will continue to remain in contact with the state associations and police organizations in the region and with the federal response agencies to ensure that we get the word out to the entire membership on how you can continue to assist and support the people and police agencies in these areas. “In the interim, I encourage you to support the established, formal charities who are directing their attention to all the victims of Hurricane Katrina.”