Consular Notification materials available from Bureau of Consular Affairs

The Bureau of Consular Affairs is encouraging all U.S. law enforcement agencies to check to see that they have a written policy and procedure in place on consular notification and access, and to take steps to establish these if they do not already. For guidance the booklet "Consular Notification and Access - Instructions for Federal, State, and other Local Law Enforcement and Other Officials Regarding Foreign Nationals in the United States and the Rights of Consular Officials To Assist Them", is available online at All U.S. law enforcement officers should receive training about consular notification. At a minimum, they can watch an 11-minute video, "It's the Right Thing To Do," online at This video, and a variety of other training materials, including pocket cards, poster and PowerPoint slide presentation, are all available free of charge to law enforcement agencies. These free materials may be ordered at

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