Search for IACP International Policing Division Vice Chair candidates extended to 1 October 2004

Candidates interested in running for International Policing Division Vice Chair now have unitl 1 October 2004 to submit their resumes for consideration. The Vice Chair will be elected by the International Policing Division Steering Committee at this year's IACP Annual Executive Policing Conference in Los Angeles, CA from 13-17 November 2004. As a member of the Board of Officers for the International Policing Division, the Vice Chair performs the duties of the International Vice President and General Chair of the International Policing Division, in the absence of the International Vice President. The Division Vice Chair will ascend to the position of International Vice President upon the conclusion of the incumbent's term or for any other reason that may preclude the International Vice President from concluding his/her term. Eligibility Criteria for Nominees - IAW the IACP Constitution, Article 4, Section 4 and Rule 22, Section 6, para (d)(1): (1) Nominee must be an active or life IACP member in good standing for at least two years before assuming candidacy (2) Divison Vice Chair (Nominee) may not be from the same nation as the International Vice President (which is currently Belgium) All candidates for the office of Division Vice Chair will be given the opportunity to speak to the Steering Committee of the International Policing Division before the committee votes. Please submit candidates' Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Resumes through your representative on the International Policing Divsion Steering Committee (IPDSC) No Later Than 1 October 2004. You will find their contact information at .