IACP Looking for Trainers for Firearms Interdiction Technical Assistance

IACP Looking for Trainers for Firearms Interdiction Technical Assistance IACP, in coordination with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, is currently redesigning the existing Firearms Interdiction Technical Assistance Project (T/A). The T/A will include courses that focus on all aspects of Firearms Interdiction and that are geared towards command level officers as well as line officers. Instructors are sought who hold specific knowledge in the following areas: · Characteristics of Armed Persons · Officer Survival Skills in relation to Firearms Incidents · Detailed Report Writing in relation to Firearms Incidents Trainers will be responsible for developing a course curriculum for the aforementioned topics and must have this outlined and in place prior to the interview. For the year 2003-2004, IACP is planning on holding 4 headquarters trainings and 3 to 5 site trainings. The training will take place over a 2½ day period and will cover all topics specific to the attending agencies. IACP will cover all travel costs and provide per diem for all trainers. Consultant fees range from $350-$450 based on knowledge, experience and class length. If you are interested in becoming a trainer for this course, please submit your resume, biography and references to the Project Coordinator, Valencia Kyburz, via fax 703/684-5728 or e-mail at Kyburz@theiacp.org by August 8, 2003. Qualified instructors will be contacted for a phone interview after this date. Please include your full contact information including mailing address, phone number/s where you can be reached during business hours, fax number and e-mail address. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your response.