IACP Offers Guide on Hate Crimes

ALEXANDRIA, VA: In response to the FBI’s recent warning about a potential increase in hate crimes in the aftermath of a terrorist attack or war with Iraq, Chief Joseph Samuels, President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Chief of the Richmond, California, Police Department, announced the availability of the IACP publication Responding to Hate Crimes: A Police Officer's Guide to Investigation and Prevention. This document, available free of charge, provides law enforcement officials with information on the best methods for confronting hate-motivated crimes. For example, the guide provides information on:
  • The legal definition of hate crime.
  • What actions police officers should take at the scene of a hate crime
  • Key indicators that a hate crime has been committed.
  • Best Approaches for working with victims of hate crime.
Stated President Samuels, "Law enforcement executives throughout the United States are committed to preventing and responding to crimes motivated by hate or bias. Hate crimes have a profound impact on victims and on communities and present unique challenges to law enforcement agencies. This IACP guide will enhance the ability of police departments to combat hate crimes and intolerance in our communities." Copies of the guide may be obtained by calling the IACP at 1-800-THE-IACP ext. 216 or via e-mail at turnern@theiacp.org. In addition, the document may also be accessed on the IACP website, www.theiacp.org, under Publications: www.theiacp.org/documents/index.cfm?fuseaction=document&document_id=141

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