IACP Needs Co-Hosts for Weapons of Mass Destruction Executive-Level Training

You are invited to be the co-host for two-day regional executive- level training on Weapons of Mass Destruction The IACP has been awarded a grant by the Office for Domestic Preparedness to develop Weapons of Mass Destruction curriculum and facilitate free training to law enforcement executives and potential incident responders nationwide. We invite you to take advantage of this exemplary opportunity to bring your agency up to date on this current terrorist threat. Become a co-host and bring the high-quality training program into your region. In exchange for use of your facility, your entire agency will have access to this essential, timely training focusing on increasing the capacity of state, local, and tribal law enforcement officials to deter, detect, and interdict terrorists before the attack, and also to respond and mitigate the consequences, should the attack occur. You’ll be able to learn from today’s most educated experts--without having to travel a single mile! In order to be considered for co-hosting, your agency must provide the following:
  • Classroom to accommodate a minimum of 40 students
  • Appointed on-site coordinator/IACP liaison
  • Notices, teletypes, letters and faxes to local law enforcement agencies announcing the program
  • Welcoming remarks to students and introduction of instructor/s
  • Contemporary audio-visual equipment
  • Instructor assistance, including transportation
Additionally, please consider such factors as:
  • Transportation requirements between hotel and training site
  • Proximity of agency to local hotels and airports
  • Breaks and refreshments
As part of the curriculum development process, (4) four pilot trainings have been scheduled in August and September of this year. In January-September 2004, (16) sixteen regional workshops will be held throughout the United States. Requests for co-hosting will be reviewed in the same order they are received, so the earlier you submit your application, the better. Our goal is to deliver this important training to as many regions as possible as this allows the greatest number of law enforcement personnel to take advantage of this unique opportunity. The application is listed under the title as a downloadable PDF. For a Word version of the application, click here: http://www.theiacp.org/training/WMDCohostRequestForm.doc Application deadlines: April 30 & August 30, 2003. For information/questions contact: Irene Romashkan Program Coordinator Phone: 703/836-6767, ext. 351 Toll-free in the US: 1-800-843-4227, ext. 351 E-mail: romashka@theiacp.org

Submit applications by fax/mail to: International Association of Chiefs of Police ATTN: Irene Romashkan 515 N. Washington St. Alexandria, VA 22314 Fax: 703/836-5375

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