Train-the-Trainer Workshop Supports Leadership in Police Organizations

4-15 August 2003 in Austin, Texas The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is offering a Train-the-Trainers (T3) Workshop to support its Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) training program. This workshop is intended to train already talented instructors in productive instructional techniques for the LPO curriculum. Hence attendance requires previous exposure to the LPO material or the desire/ability to self-teach the LPO material before the workshop begins as well as previous instructor experience. Application deadline is May 2, 2003. For Information/Questions Contact: Dr. Howard T. Prince II 2315 Red River Austin, Texas 78713-8925 Tel: 512-471-4303 Fax: 512-471-1835/3293 Room 3.316, Sid Richardson Hall, Unit 3 Submit Applications To: International Association of Chiefs of Police ATTN: Paul E. Santiago 515 N. Washington St. Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2357 E-mail: Phone: 703-836-6767 ext. 350 FAX: 703-836-4543

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