Byrne Grant Funding Slashed: Urgent Action Needed to Restore

President SamuelsPresident SamuelsIn the next few days, the United States Senate is expected to approve H.J. Res. 2, an omnibus-spending bill that would provide funding for all non-defense related programs for the remainder of FY 2003. As currently drafted, this legislation would eliminate more than $500 million from the Edward Byrne Memorial Grant program. However, prior to final congressional approval, H.J. Res. 2 will be the subject of a House/Senate Conference committee that will be charged with reconciling the differing House and Senate proposals. It is anticipated that an effort will made in the Conference Committee to restore the Byrne Grant funding. However, in order for this effort to be successful, members of the House and Senate need to know how critical the Byrne Grant program is to law enforcement agencies in their states and districts. Therefore, it is imperative that all IACP members contact their Members of Congress immediately and urge them to support efforts to fully fund the Byrne program. If you can identify specific programs in your agency that are funded by Byrne grants, please make reference to them in your letter.

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