Conference Local Response to Terrorism: 9-11 Lessons Learned Postponed to July

IACP is co-sponsoring a conference: Local Response to Terrorism: Lessons Learned from the 9-11 Attack on the Pentagon, July 28-30, 2003, in Arlington, Virginia.

Conference Goal

To bring together teams of high-level policymakers from local jurisdictions to learn from Arlington County’s experiences in responding to the terrorist attack on the Pentagon and to work as a team to analyze the response capacity within their own jurisdiction. The conference will provide a balance between plenary sessions that provide all team members with a shared experience and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various disciplines in a coordinated team approach to a response, and breakout sessions that provide an opportunity to explore discipline specific issues in depth, as well as to work within your team on jurisdictional issues. Learn about:
  • Critical activities that must be under way before the response begins.
  • How incident and unified command really work in a major response.
  • Security considerations during the operation.
  • Evidence collection and its impact on operations.
  • Details from more than 235 lessons learned that can improve your next response.
Who Should Attend ? Multidisciplinary teams of City/County Managers, Chief Administrative Officers, and agency heads (or deputies) from local jurisdictions that are interested in improving their capacity to respond to a major terrorist attack. Because the conference sponsors believe that teamwork is critical to an effective response, the registration fee will be waived for jurisdictions that register at least one team. A team must include no fewer than 4 and no more than 5 Senior Officials/Deputies in appropriate areas. There is a maximum of 10 people (2 teams).
  • City/County Managers/Executives
  • Emergency Management Directors
  • Fire Chiefs/Deputies
  • EMS Chiefs/Deputies
  • Police Chiefs/Deputies
Register as a TEAM and save the $200 per person registration fee! Note: Fees are waived for TEAMS and/or Sponsoring Agencies.

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