Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Vehicles

President SamuelsPresident SamuelsAs you may know, the Ford Motor Company is currently conducting an optional upgrade program for Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) Vehicles. This program is intended to improve officer safety and enhance the Police Interceptor’s performance in rear crashes. Specifically, Ford is offering to install shielding that is designed to reduce the potential for a fuel tank puncture in a very high-speed rear impact. These upgrades are:
  • Axle-mounted shields that cover the sway bar bracket, shock bracket and parking brake bolt (depending on model year).

  • Fuel tank strap shields that cover a key stress area.

  • A differential shield that covers differential bolts along the bottom of the differential

Ford will install these upgrades at no cost to police agencies. If a police agency is interested in having its Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors retrofitted in this fashion, they need to contact their local Ford dealer. When a department contacts the local Ford dealer it will need the following information:
  1. Ford Fleet Identification Number (FIN)
    If the agency does not know the FIN, or would like to obtain a FIN, call 1-800-34-FLEET, select 1 from the first menu prompt, then select 1 again from the second prompt.
  2. Name and contact information of the person registering the vehicles

  3. Quantity of CVPIs currently in law enforcement duty broken down by the following model year groups:
    • 1992 – 1997
    • 1998 – 2002
    • 2003
According to Ford, it will take approximately two weeks for the local dealer to order and receive the upgrade kits. At that point the dealer will contact the department and schedule a time for installation of the upgrade kits. For additional information, please visit the Ford Motor Company website at

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