Sample Speech to Commemorate Anniversary of 9-11 Attacks

September 11, 2002, marks the anniversary of the unprecedented terrorist attacks that forever altered life in the United States. The events of that day resulted in a momentous loss of life and property in New York, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon, and we have spent the past year grieving for those who were taken from us. A total of 70 law enforcement officers died at the World Trade Center, the most ever killed in a single incident in the United States. This made 2001 the deadliest year for the law enforcement profession since 1975, with a total of 228 officers killed in the line of duty. Of course, those who died on 9-11 weren’t the only victims. Let us not forget those who were injured but survived, and those who lost their co-workers, friends, family members, and loved ones—they are also victims, and they have suffered greatly. Although this anniversary is one of tragedy, it is also an anniversary of triumph. The terrorists hoped to bring the people of the United States to their knees; instead, they brought them to their feet. They tested the strength and resolve of our freedom-loving citizens and our country’s leaders, and made us more resolute in our commitment to democratic and humanitarian principles. The attacks strengthened our love for our country and resulted in unprecedented shows of patriotism that continue today. It is important that we show our respect for the victims of that terrible day, but it is of equal importance that we honor and celebrate the countless acts of courage, compassion, loyalty, and responsibility that have been demonstrated by our police officers, EMS workers, fire and rescue workers, and our citizens. Let us celebrate them and strengthen our appreciation for them for they have demonstrated the best of human nature—courage over cowardice; kindness over cruelty; service over selfishness; responsibility over indifference; love over hate; hope over fear; and freedom over repression. Let us commemorate this anniversary by celebrating our heroes, both alive and dead, and honor them by living our lives and performing our duties with a renewed sense of dedication, devotion, and commitment from this day forward. Thank you.

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