Statement of the IACP President Richard Beary on Florida State University Shooting

“I am deeply concerned and troubled by the shooting today at Florida State University. Thankfully, the heroic efforts of the responding officers prevented the shooter from inflicting even more harm.  

Tragically, incidents like this happen all too frequently in our communities and our schools.   That is why it is imperative that law enforcement agencies and communities are prepared with the knowledge they need to respond to and deter these events.

Although each one of these incidents is unique and the response and methods may vary, it is essential that we provide law enforcement with the resources and training they need to prevent or mitigate the horror of active shooter situations.

To assist in this effort, the IACP has assembled a set of materials that address school violence and youth crime prevention.   I urge both law enforcement and community leaders to take advantage of these online resources as they continue to work to prevent and respond to school violence and active shooter situations.”

The IACP Prevention and Response to School Violence Resource Page can be found here: