Contagious Disease Planning and Response Special Order

The IACP has re-released the Special Order on Pandemic Flu Planning and Response as an awareness and planning tool for police agencies in light of the introduction of the Ebola virus into the United States and the continuing spread of Enterovirus D68. The Centers for Disease Control and local health authorities are taking appropriate measures to contain these viruses. Nonetheless, this is a good time for police departments to examine their contingency plans for dealing with widespread communicable diseases and the possible impact they could have on a department’s ability to continue service to and protection for their communities. The Special Order provided here was designed specifically to address pandemic avian influenza, such as H5N1. However, the advice provided on steps that departments may take to mitigate the impact on service delivery and operations is pertinent to a broad range of infectious diseases that could potentially affect a large cross section of national or state populations.  

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