Statement of IACP President Yost Zakhary on the Review of the 1033 Program

Statement of IACP President Yost Zakhary on the Review of the 1033 Program


As President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), I welcome President Obama’s decision to review the DoD Excess Property Program (1033 program). 

The 1033 program has assisted law enforcement agencies across the nation in obtaining officer protection and tactical equipment that they would not otherwise be able to secure.  This equipment has undoubtedly improved the safety of our nation’s law enforcement officers and enhanced their abilities to protect citizens and communities from harm.

As Chief of Police in Woodway, Texas -- a town that looks like many across the United States – I have seen firsthand the life-saving benefit of the 1033 program; we used equipment acquired from the 1033 program to aid a seriously wounded officer and rescue citizens under fire from high powered rifles.

Law enforcement executives understand that recent events have given rise to questions about this program and its value to law enforcement agencies and the communities we serve.  For these reasons, the IACP is committed to working with the White House, the Department of Justice and all agencies involved in this important, and timely, review of the 1033 program. 

I am confident that this review will clearly demonstrate that the vast majority of this equipment has been properly transferred to, and deployed by, our nation’s law enforcement agencies.  I am also certain that this review will demonstrate the vital role that this equipment has played in protecting our communities and officers.

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