Changing Dynamics of Law Enforcement: Survey

The post-9-11 focus on intensified homeland security and the recently announced reorganization of FBI priorities (a move away from traditional focus on bank robberies, for example) are changing and will change the dynamics of law enforcement. In partnership with the USDOJ/OJP, we (the IACP) are in the earliest stage of inventorying or assessing the nature of changes that have occurred. As a first step, we are asking our members to report their experiences to date and share their insights on the future they expect to confront. Would you please let us know:
  • What issues/impacts has 9-11 had on your agency? (Resources, policies, practices, citizen demand, work force conditions, etc.)

  • What further issues/impacts do you expect to experience?

  • Understanding that many specifics of the FBI reorganization remain to be worked out, what issues/impacts do you anticipate as a result with regard to the way you police your community or the ability of your agency to do so effectively?

If you need clarification of what information we are seeking from you, please contact Jerry Needle ( or John Firman ( at 1-800-843-4227.