Challenge to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to Spend 15 Percent of their Federally-Forfeited Asset Sharing Funds on Community-Based Drug Education and Prevention Programs

WHEREAS, the Permissible Use Policy, which was published by the Department of Justice in A Guide to Equitable Sharing, allows state and local law enforcement agencies to use up to 15 percent of shared asset forfeiture funds to assist local communities in the areas of drug abuse treatment, drug and crime prevention education, housing and job skills programs, and other nonprofit community-based programs or activities; and WHEREAS, President George W. Bush has stated that the goal of his administration is to create a more comprehensive and balanced approach to drug policy by increasing funds for drug prevention and treatment programs at the community level; and WHEREAS, demand reduction programs shrink the market for illegal drugs, thereby diminishing the problems faced by law enforcement; and WHEREAS, state and local law enforcement agencies can play a unique role in demand reduction because they have credibility, public respect, and an intimate understanding of the drug problem; and WHEREAS, The IACP believes that such action will support President Bush’s goal of balancing law enforcement efforts with demand reduction initiatives. It will help revive communities that have been crippled by the devastating effects of drug trafficking and drug abuse—communities that have lost future generations of productive citizens and civic-minded leaders—and strengthen the bond between law enforcement personnel and the communities that they protect. WHEREAS, it is important for state and local law enforcement agencies to help communities combat the scourge of drugs and, in return, gain a significant amount of community support and goodwill that will create a lasting impact on law enforcement efforts; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the International Association of Chiefs of Police duly assembled at its 109th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, encourages state and local law enforcement agencies to spend up to 15 percent, at their discretion, of their federally-forfeited asset sharing funds on community-based drug education and prevention programs.