Support for Federal Legislation Banning Junk Guns

WHEREAS, the prohibition on the importation of handguns as defined by ATF F 4590, that are not generally recognized as particularly suitable or readily adaptable to sporting purposes, often described as junk guns or Saturday night specials, has led to the creation of a high volume market for these weapons that are domestically manufactured; and WHEREAS, traffic in this classification of handguns, as defined by ATF F 4590, Factoring Criteria for Weapons, constitutes a serious threat to public welfare and to law enforcement officers, and the use of such handguns is increasing; and WHEREAS, this classifications of handguns are used disproportionately in the commission of crimes (used in 8 out of 10 crimes); and WHEREAS, of the firearms traced in 1995, the three firearms most commonly used to commit crimes were within this classification of handguns; and WHEREAS, the domestic manufacture, transfer, and possession of this classification of handguns should be restricted; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), duly assembled at its 103rd annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, supports local ordinances, state, and federal legislation, which will prohibit the domestic manufacture, transfer, sale, and/or possession of this classification of handguns.