Opposition to Federal Pre-Emption of Individual States Carrying of Concealed Weapons (CCW) Laws as They Apply to Active, Former, and /or Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Personnel

WHEREAS, the majority of the states currently have laws regulating the carrying of concealed weapons by private citizens and law enforcement officials within their state; and WHEREAS, active-duty police officers are specifically and extensively trained and retrained to efficiently and effectively utilize firearms in the commission of their duties to serve and protect the citizens and their communities; and WHEREAS, all duly sworn law enforcement personnel should be permitted to carry concealed weapons in interstate commerce, pursuant to and consistent with their official and professional on-duty capacity established by law; and WHEREAS, there is an effort to liberalize state’s CCW laws for law enforcement officials by enacting federal legislation, which would pre-empt current state CCW laws for private citizens and law enforcement officials; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), duly assembled at its 103rd annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, opposes any federal legislation which would either pre-empt or mandate liberalization of individual states’ CCW laws pertaining to interstate carrying of concealed weapons by police officers while not serving in an official capacity; and be it FURTHER RESOLVED, that the IACP convey its position of opposition to any such federal pre-emption of state laws with regard to the issuance of CCW permits and/or licenses to law enforcement officials, particularly former and retired officers, to all members of Congress, and to the federal and state officials.