The National Law Enforcement Challenge Has Moved Online

As part of our going efforts to improve the National Law Enforcement Challenge (NLEC) the application submission process is now online. This year the 2012 application will only be accepted via the online submission process.

The Online Application Format
The online application has five sections that must be completed prior to submitting. There is a progress bar at the top of the page to assist you in identifying where you are in the application submission process. Completing the online application process involves answering quantitative questions about your department and traffic-related efforts and attaching supporting documents for each section (Policy & Guidelines, Training of Officers, Incentives & Recognition, Public Information & Education, Enforcement Activities, and Effectiveness of Efforts).

The first two sections, submission information and author details, are where agencies input their contact information and select special award considerations.

The third section, content and materials, is the section where applicants will enter their NLEC application quantitative and qualitative information. Within this section there are three subsections, submission disclosure questions, narrative boxes, and attachments (where agencies provide their supporting documentation).

  1. Submission Disclosure Questions
    The Submission Disclosure Questions will require agencies to answer a series of both quantitative and yes/no questions about the agency, some of its policies, and the number of citations/warnings issued by the department for safety belt/child seats, impaired driving, speeding, and special enforcement efforts.
  2. Narrative Text Boxes
    The Narrative Text boxes are where agencies should provide evaluators with highlights of their year-round efforts. The text boxes have a 4,000 character limit so provide short summaries and information that will be supported by your attachments.
  3. Attachments
    The online system allows agencies to submit their supporting documentation as a Word, Excel, PDF, or PowerPoint document. Agencies should submit one attachment for each section of the application (Policy & Guidelines, Training of Officers, Incentives & Recognition, Public Information & Education, Enforcement Activities, and Effectiveness of Efforts). Evaluators are looking for the same supporting documentation (graphs, photos, and tables). You can include information and descriptions of other year-round efforts that could not fit in the text boxes in these attachments, but be sure that at a minimum, your attachments support what you wrote in the text boxes. Also, be sure to include captions and explanations of graphs, photos, and tables. Evaluators are looking for one attachment of supporting documentation for each of the sections (Policy & Guidelines, Training of Officers, Incentives & Recognition, Public Information & Education, Enforcement Activities, and Effectiveness of Efforts) with the correct naming feature, see the how to apply online resource guide.

The fourth section, submission preview, is where agencies can save a draft of the submission and return later to edit, by clicking the “Save Draft to Complete Later” button or where you can submit your completed application by clicking the “Submit Completed Application” button. You can also review what you have entered into the submission disclosure questions and narrative boxes and view attachments. In this section agencies can make changes to their submission. It is recommended that agencies print a copy of their submission by clicking on the “Print Submission” button, this will only print the information you inputted into the submission disclosure questions and the narrative boxes. If you want to print your attachments you will need to click on each one individually.

The fifth section, submission saved, once you have clicked on the “Submit Completed Application” button your application has been submitted to the National Law Enforcement Challenge.

The online application can be accessed by going to the NLEC Web page at and selecting “Apply Online.” Your agency will need to create an account with a username and password. Agencies can work on their applications and save the inputted material to be finalized and submitted at a later date, but make sure you complete and submit your application before the deadline, 11:59 p.m. on May 1, 2013. Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be evaluated.

Learn more about how to apply online by reading the Step-by-Step Guide on how to complete the online application.