IACP President Chief Walter A. McNeil on the Death of Chief Michael Maloney

Last night, Chief Michael Maloney of the Greenland, New Hampshire Police Department was shot and killed while trying to execute a search warrant with his fellow officers. Clearly, this hits home to our organization and to the entire law enforcement community. On behalf of the membership of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, I want to extend my deepest sympathy to Chief Maloney’s family, his friends and his colleagues.  I also want to extend my best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to the other officers who were wounded in this tragic event.  

I am not only saddened but also angry that these types of incidents continue to occur with such alarming frequency.  Last year 72 officers were feloniously killed—that means that 72 officers were killed in cold blood by brazen criminals who showed no hesitation in attacking law enforcement officers.   This trend has to stop.

There are nearly 800,000 law enforcement officers in this country who day in and day out put their lives on the line to protect the citizens they serve. Their goal is the same as any other working American—to arrive home safely at night to their families and loved ones. Chief Maloney and too many other law enforcement officers have been robbed of that luxury simply because they chose to serve and protect others from harm.

Greenland, New Hampshire is a town with about 3,500 residents and the police department has only about 10 sworn officers—this is the face of American policing. 89% of law enforcement agencies serve populations of 25,000 and fewer and approximately 74% serve populations of 10,000 and fewer. The killing of police officers is not something that just happens in big cities or urban areas—it can happen anywhere.

I call on every citizen in every town, every city, every village and every state in the nation to support our country’s law enforcement officers and commit to working together with them to reduce violence and finally put an end to tragic murders such as these.