IACP Press Release: IACP Leadership Meets: Focuses on Officer Safety, Budget Cuts, Police Corrections Partnerships


January 23, 2012

Meredith Ward


Executive Committee also reaffirms need for National Commission on Criminal Justice

Alexandria, VA – The Executive Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) recently concluded a series of leadership meetings addressing critical issues confronting the law enforcement community. The Executive Committee, which is comprised of 44 senior state, local, tribal and federal law enforcement executives, met in Orlando, FL on January 20-21.

Led by IACP President Walter McNeil, Chief of the Quincy, FL Police Department, the IACP governing body addressed a number of issues including:

  • Officer Safety
  • Police Officer Suicide
  • Wrongful Convictions
  • D-Block (Public Safety Broadband Network)
  • The need for National Commission on Criminal Justice
  • Impact of the economic downturn on law enforcement and public safety

Of particular concern to the IACP leadership was the dramatic and devastating increase in number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2011. Working though the IACP’s Center for the Prevention of Violence Against the Police and the IACP/SACOP SAFESHIELD Initiative, President McNeil vowed that the IACP “would do everything humanly possible to reverse this unacceptable wave of violence directed at the men and women on the front lines of law enforcement and continue our unceasing efforts protect our officers from injury and death.”

President McNeil also highlighted the impact that the economic downturn has played on officer safety stating, “the reduction in the number of police officers, resulting from the current economic climate, has created a situation that directly impacts the safety and well being of our brave state, federal, local and tribal police officers.” McNeil continued “It is incumbent on leaders at all levels to ensure the men and women of law enforcement have the resources and services necessary to protect both themselves and the citizens they serve.”

The IACP leadership also conducted an in-depth review and discussion of the need to enhance the partnerships between law enforcement agencies and corrections officials. These partnerships can, and must, play a vital role in reducing recidivism, assisting in re-entry efforts, identifying repeat offenders and promoting community, victim and officer safety.

The IACP Executive Committee also reiterated its urgent call for the creation of a National Commission on Criminal Justice. Patterned after the 1965 commission established by President Johnson, this commission would provide the United States with a strategic plan to guide our national efforts to protect the public and combat crime and terrorism in the 21 st Century.

In support of this effort, the IACP will be hosting a live webcast to discuss the need for a national commission on the criminal justice system. Presented in cooperation with SAS, this webcast will focus on the challenges confronting law enforcement agencies today, how policing has changed since the last commission and how the IACP is working to make the commission a reality.

If you are interested in viewing the webcast please visit www.sas.com/iacp to register.


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