IACP Podcast Series No. 18 - Stalking Investigations

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Investigating stalking cases presents a series of challenges and opportunities for law enforcement given the nature of the crime. To ensure the safety of the victim and to hold the suspect accountable, officers must recognize the crime, assess the threat, and plan for the safety of the victim and their family while building a credible criminal case. The elements of an effective law enforcement response to a stalking incident are the early identification and intervention by police; execution of a threat assessment and proper investigation; detection and investigation of technology used by stalkers; implementation of effective training; and collaboration between your agency and surrounding law enforcement, community resources, and the prosecutor’s office. The following violence against women investigative tip podcast was developed and delivered by Gary Margolis, retired chief of police from the University of Vermont and faculty for the National Law Enforcement Institute on Violence Against Women.

For additional IACP tools and resources to address violence against women crimes, please visit: www.iacpresearch.org. Information about the National Law Enforcement Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women can be found at:  www.theiacp.org/VAWLeadership.


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