Law Enforcement Research Priorities for 2011 and Beyond


LEResearchPriorities2011 CoverThe IACP Research Center Directorate, in collaboration with the IACP Research Advisory Committee and the National Institute of Justice, are proud to release the report: Law Enforcement Research Priorities for 2011 and Beyond. The ability to do research is an enormous challenge for almost all US police agencies. In order to better assist its members in selecting research topics and methods to accomplish that research, IACP surveyed member law enforcement executives to find out what type of research they find most useful and to help understand their research priorities. Once the survey was completed and analyzed, a focus group of law enforcement leaders was convened to react to the data and determine a set of twelve action steps to help law enforcement executives either conduct or utilize existing research to improve performance:

The action steps contained in the report focus on three critical areas:

  • To facilitate law enforcement’s use of research findings
  • To encourage law enforcement participation in research
  • To enhance the utility, quality, and quantity of law enforcement research

The IACP, NIJ, and the participants of the survey and focus group, want to ensure that law enforcement leaders have the tools, information, and resources that agencies need to make informed, well researched policy decisions. This goal cannot be accomplished without the full engagement of law enforcement leaders in collaborative research efforts. This document presents critical policing research priorities for 2011 and methods to accomplish that research. We also encourage you to share this information with other law enforcement agencies who are interested in research for their agency.

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