IACP-Supported New DHS National Terrorism Threat Advisory System Launched


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano has launched the new National Terrorism Threat Advisory System (NTAS), which the IACP strongly supports. The new system, to replace the color coded Homeland Security Advisory System, and will include a clear statement of either of two types of alerts:


  • Elevated:” warning of a credible terrorist threat against the United States; OR
  • Imminent:” warning of a credible, specific, and impending terrorist threat against the United States.


The new system will more effectively communicate information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed information to the public, government agencies, first responders, airports and other transportation hubs, and the private sector.


DHS will issue formal, detailed alerts when it receives information about a specific or credible terrorist threat. The alerts also will provide a concise summary of the potential threat, information about actions being taken to ensure public safety, and recommended steps that individuals and communities, businesses and governments can take.


According to DHS, NTAS alerts will be based on the nature of the threat: in some cases, alerts will be sent directly to law enforcement or affected areas of the private sector, while in others, alerts will be issued more broadly to the American people through both official and media channels. Alerts will also have an official expiration date to fully communicate the scope and duration of the threat.


For more information visit http://www.dhs.gov/alerts.

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