IACP Applauds Senate Confirmation of Michele Leonhart to Lead DEA

On December 22, the United States Senate unanimously voted to confirm Michele M. Leonhart to lead the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Leonhart is the 10th Administrator of the DEA and the first female Special Agent to rise through the ranks of the DEA to become Administrator. Leonhart is also the first career female federal agent to ever lead a federal law enforcement agency.

The IACP supported Leonhart’s 2008 nomination by President George W. Bush and again in January of 2010 when she was nominated by President Barack Obama. The IACP’s strong support of her nomination is based on her 30 years of service as a law enforcement official, where she has acquired a broad base of experience that gives her a unique perspective on narcotics issues. After serving with the Baltimore Police Department, she joined DEA in 1980 with her first DEA duty station being Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In numerous public statements the IACP has praised Leonhart and described confirmation has a step that will truly enhance the effectiveness of the nation's drug-fighting efforts.