Have you registered for IACP 2010 yet? Don’t miss this plenary session Fairness and Neutrality: Building Trust Strategies for 21st Century Policing

Have you registered for IACP 2010 yet? It’s not too late! Register online now at www.theiacpconference.org or, just show up in Orlando!

While you’re in Orlando, don’t miss our dynamic plenary session: Fairness and Neutrality: Building Trust Strategies for 21st Century Policing. This plenary will take place on Saturday, October 23 from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in room 209 of the Orange County Convention Center.

Building on Race and Police: In Search of Perspective, a Plenary Session at last year’s annual conference and A Symbol of Fairness and Neutrality: Policing Diverse Cultures in the 21st Century, a 2007 initiative of IACP’s Executive Committee, this leadership endeavor will be devoted to broadening the capacity of law enforcement executives to constructively engage new and traditional ethnic and racial communities to achieve public safety objectives collaboratively. The primary goals of this work session are to further illuminate understanding of the values and needs of races and cultures, many new to America, that look to the police for service, safety, and guidance and how police can satisfy this obligation in just and productive ways.

Hosted by the IACP’s Governing Body and three standing committees—Civil Rights, Community Policing, and Professional Standards, Image and Ethics—workshop contributors will concentrate on core considerations such as:

• The Trust Baseline. Levels and variations in trust that characterize traditional and new cultures and races that police serve.

• “Triggers.” Law enforcement behaviors and policies that trigger distrust and feelings of isolation among service populations as well as those that promote engagement, support, and perceptions of fairness and neutrality.

• Trust Building Strategies. Constructive practices that promote mutual trust between police and racial/ethnic communities, particularly those that result in prevention and reduction of crime and violence.

A summary of the work and action recommendations will be published in 2011.