Message from IACP International Vice President David Beer

The New Year I think is an appropriate time for me to launch the first of what I plan as regular communication from the Chair to the International Policing Division. I readily admit I continue to be humbled by the opportunity to serve in this position, but I brim with confidence knowing colleagues of the highest professional standard are around me and that by fostering active and routine communication, together we will have a greater impact on the goals and objectives of the International Policing Division (IPD) and the IACP more generally.

In the few short weeks that have passed since the annual meeting in Denver, there have been a number of IACP organizational decisions taken that impact the international membership of which we should all be aware.

First though, I want to take this opportunity to thank outgoing IPD Chair Mohamed Abdulaziz Al-Nassr, Security Attaché of the State of Qatar, for his guidance and friendship in these past two years as I served as his Vice Chair. I know that I will be able to call on his wise counsel as he continues to sit with the International Policing Division’s Advisory Committee.

There are a number of changes that have taken place in the International Division and new people in positions that need to be recognized. I want to congratulate our newly elected Vice Chair, Colonel Nelson Werlang Garcia, Director of Logistics, Military Police of the Federal District, Brasilia, Brazil. He will be an important team mate for me in the next two years, and certainly important to the International Division as our future Chair.

Tagimanu ‘Tony’ Annandale, Executive Director of the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Secretariat, has been named Secretary of the International Division. At the same time, Tom Driessen, Deputy Director Operations Department of EUROPOL (The European Police Agency) and former Chair of the IPDSC, has been named as a Member-at-Large. They are policing professionals of extraordinary experience who will certainly represent us at the highest of standards.

In the meantime, we want to thank Peter J. van Zunderd for his contribution to the IPDSC as a Member-at-Large. Peter leaves this position after a number of years of conscientious service.

What will the next few months bring for the IACP International Division? Clearly we set our sights on increasing our international membership, while attending to the priorities our new President, Chief Michael J. Carroll. But perhaps with equal vigour, we might seek to increase our influence and impact as the world’s most important organization of policing executives.

A world in conflict recognizes the fundamental importance of effective and accountable policing as a foundation of peace, security, fundamental justice and human rights, good governance, development, and more. The IACP has a greater role to play in securing such foundations and, whether in policy advice, education, training, standards or elsewhere, the depth and breadth of the International Policing Division gives us credibility in every respect.

We will look to our World Regional Chairs to increase the IACP visibility, informing and educating about the IACP, while identifying regional organizations with which the IACP might collaborate, and seeking to expand cooperation where partnerships already exist. Likewise, we will look to the IPD Advisory Committee to be alert to new opportunities and strategies of international engagement, while considering how we might work more closely with other IACP Committees to increase global reach, influence and impact. At the same time, we will seek to open new doors of cooperation with our global ‘multilateral’ policing partners that have been engaged in recent months and years.

There can be no better path to increasing IACP visibility and impact than attention to our President’s priorities of ‘officer safety’ and training of ‘foundational policing skills.’ These issues must resonate with every policing organization in the world, and we of the IACP and the IPD have much to offer international partners in attending to these priorities. We encourage our international members to foster dialogue, explore new and creative opportunities, and indeed to seek out specific situations where the IACP might recognize international organizational or individual achievement through its various awards programs.

This said, there is clearly much to do in the months ahead, and I look forward to working with you, and indeed hearing of our progress.

Again to you, to your families, and to the organizations with which you serve, a healthy and prosperous New Year.


D.C. (David) Beer
International Vice President