The official career center of the IACP,, is now on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube., the official career center of the IACP and a nationwide police recruitment resource, is now on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
What does this mean for you?
As a hiring agency, each vacancy you post to will be “tweeted” to everyone following us on Twitter. Your vacancies will also automatically post to our Facebook wall, and all our “fans” will see it on their respective news feeds. You can also use our Facebook page to reach out to and connect with candidates -- comment on your job posting, respond to comments from others, post photos, remind applicants of deadlines, and direct visitors to your own Facebook page or Web site. also has its own YouTube channel.  Here, we’ve posted our own promotional videos and added links to all the police recruitment videos we could find as our “favorites.” (If your agency’s video is posted and we missed it, let us know.) These videos are also linked through our Facebook page.
All of this serves to promote the viral spread of your vacancy announcement and connect you with a broader, more diverse group of potential applicants.
As a job seeker, these tools can help you stay abreast of newly posted vacancies and connect with our knowledgeable team of police recruitment specialists. 
****For more information on social media and, make plans to attend our workshop, Leveraging the Internet for Police Recruitment, at the IACP Annual Conference in Denver, Saturday, Oct 3 from 1pm-3pm! ****