Have your favorite Torch Run photos get international recognition!

Categories: Submit photographs taken in the past five years in one of the following five categories:

  • Group - Shows participants - Law enforcement, athletes, Torch Run participants - of a Torch Run event as a group
  • Police Officer and Athlete - Law enforcement in support of the Special Olympics athletes themselves – personnel in interaction with athlete(s)
  • Guardians of the Flame - Law enforcement as the guardians of the "Torch Run Flame of Hope" – Law enforcement personnel carrying the torch, interacting with communities, raising funds, and awareness at events
  • Spirit Award – Photos that capture the spirit of the Torch Run in a unique way
  • Professional - Photographs taken by an individual of a Torch Run event where the photographer receives compensation or payment

Individuals from a panel representing the I.A.C.P., Torch Run Athletes, and Special Olympics will judge the photos.  The panel will select the top three photos in each category.

Prizes: Winning photos will be displayed at the 114th Annual IACP Conference and at the 2009 International Torch Run Conference.  The top photos printed in Spirit magazine.  First place photos in each category will be enlarged to display size and awarded to the contributing programs.

Entry Information:

  • Entries may be mailed or emailed.  See below for specific instructions.
  • I.A.C.P. must receive all entries by September 8, 2009.
  • The contest will accept a maximum of eight (8) photos per submission.
  • Please do not mail and email the same photos.
  • Contestants may submit previously entered photos again for consideration as long as the photos did not win in any category.
  • Photos will not be returned.  Consider making a copy of the photo(s) submitted before sending.
  • Photos should be of the highest possible resolution and clarity for reproduction as signs and for printing.
  • Winners may be requested to provide original negatives and/or higher resolution photographs.

Entries submitted by Email:
Submit one photo per email up to a maximum of eight (8) emails per sending email address.
In the body of the email, please list:

    • Contact name
    • Photographers name
    • Torch Run program name
    • Contact phone
    • Contact email address
    • City and State
    • Please also include a description of the photo

To enter the Group competition email group@sp9.emailsharepoint.com
To enter the Police Officer and Athlete competition email officer@sp9.emailsharepoint.com
To enter the Guardians of the Flame competition email Guardians@sp9.emailsharepoint.com
To enter the Spirit competition email spirit@sp9.emailsharepoint.com
To enter the Professional competition email pro@sp9.emailsharepoint.com

Entries submitted by mail:
On the back of each photo entered by mail, please list:

    • Contact name
    • Photographers name
    • Torch Run program name
    • Phone
    • Email address
    • city and state on the back
    • Please also include a description of the photo on the back.

Please mail the photos to the following address:

The International Association of Chiefs of Police
Annual I.A.C.P. Torch Run Photo Contest
Attn: D. David Paulson
515 North Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Best of luck to all entrants.  Please contact David Paulson at paulsond@theiacp.org if you have questions.