NO COST TRAINING - Law Enforcement Responses to Adolescent Girls – Seattle, WA

Is your jurisdiction experiencing an increase in crimes or law enforcement contacts involving adolescent girls? The IACP invites you to attend our upcoming training workshop, Law Enforcement Responses to Adolescent Girls, which will be held August 25-26, 2009 at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission in Burien, WA. This workshop is designed to equip law enforcement first responders with effective responses to situations that involve contact with girls aged 12-17 who may be suspects, offenders or victims. Through lecture, interactive discussions and exercises, law enforcement officers will learn strategies they can use to increase positive interactions with and decrease the arrest or incarceration of adolescent girls who may be at-risk of or involved in status or juvenile delinquent behavior. For additional information or to register, please contact Christina Horst at 1-800-843-4227 ext. 831 or Registration ends August 11 2009. This training workshop is open to all active sworn law enforcement officers; however preference will be given to representatives from Washington State law enforcement agencies.