COPS Hiring Recovery Program Information

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, signed into law by President Obama on February 17th, 2009 provided $1 billion in funding for the hiring and rehiring of law enforcement officers under the COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP). As a service to our membership, the IACP is pleased to provide following information about the CHRP program and the application process.

Program Information

According to the COPS Office, the CHRP is designed to be a competitive grant program that provides funding directly to law enforcement agencies having primary law enforcement authority to create and preserve jobs and to increase their community policing capacity and crime-prevention efforts.

Although the COPS office is still finalizing the details of the application process, the following information has been released:

  • There is no local match requirement for CHRP, but grant funding will be based on current entry-level salary and benefits packages and therefore any additional costs for higher salaries or benefits for particular individuals hired will be the responsibility of the grantee agency.
  • CHRP grants will provide 100 percent funding for approved entry-level salaries and benefits for 3 years (36 months) for newly-hired, full-time sworn officer positions (including filling existing unfunded vacancies) or for rehired officers who have been laid off, or are scheduled to be laid off on a future date, as a result of local budget cuts.
  • There is no cap on the number of positions an agency may request, but awards will be limited to available funding
  • At the conclusion of federal funding, grantees must retain all sworn officer positions awarded under the CHRP grant. The retained CHRP-funded position(s) should be added to the grantee’s law enforcement budget with state and/or local funds, over and above the number of locally-funded positions that would have existed in the absence of the grant.

Application Information

The COPS Office has also released the following information about the application process and provided recommend steps to take in order to assist agencies in preparing their applications.

  • Applications for CHRP grants will be accepted only online through the COPS Office web site: The online application materials are scheduled to be available before the end of March, but in the interim, the COPS Office wants to ensure that your agency has sufficient time to complete the following required steps before the solicitation opens:
    • Visit the “Account Access” portion of the COPS web site at to determine if your agency currently has an active online account and/or how to create one.
    • Once logged into “Account Access,” your agency will be able to add additional user accounts and also update your agency contact and address information. Take this time to ensure that your agency’s Law Enforcement and Government Executive information is current, and also make sure that contact information is current for individuals submitting the CHRP grant application. If you do not remember your password or user name and need assistance with creating an account and/or system access, call 1.800.421.6770 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, or e-mail
  • A Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number is required to submit applications for COPS funding. A DUNS number is a unique nine-digit sequence recognized as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of entities receiving federal funds. Visit to obtain or verify your number.
  • Additionally, all applicants are required to maintain current registrations in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. The CCR database is the repository for standard information about federal financial assistance applicants, recipients, and sub-recipients. For more information about how to register with the CCR, visit Please note that applicants must update or renew their CCR at least once per year to maintain an active status.

Additional information is also available at the COPS Office web site at Information about CHRP on this site includes:

  • CHRP Application Procedures
  • CHRP Eligibility Worksheet
  • Non-supplanting FAQ’s
  • Non-supplanting Scenarios

The IACP will continue to work with the COPS Office on the CHRP Program. As additional information becomes available, we will provide it to the membership.