Technology Desk Reference on CD

Technology Desk ReferenceThe Technology Desk Reference: A Technology Planning and Management Guide (TDR) is a product of the Technology Technical Assistance Program (TTAP).

This no-cost comprehensive resource provides current and practical management information to address five critical law enforcement technologies: In-Car Cameras, Mobile Computing Technologies (MCT), Network Infrastructure, Computer Aided Dispatch/Record Management Systems (CAD/RMS), Voice Communications.

At the 31st IACP Law Enforcement Information Management Section (LEIM) conference, Greensboro, NC, May 21-25, 2007, TTAP released the CD version of the TDR. The CD is copied and distributed in partnership with the Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center in Kentucky.

This resource is currently available in print or CD version. Visit the TTAP webpage to request your free copy. For more information about the TTAP program, please contact

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