National Law Enforcement Research Agenda

Improving 21st Century Policing Through Priority Research: The IACP’s National Law Enforcement Research Agenda

National Law Enforcement Research AgendaThe National Law Enforcement Research Agenda (NLERA) is a product of the IACP’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

The NLERA presents, for the first time in the history of both the NIJ and the IACP, a nation-wide, survey-based, focused research agenda to guide both police leaders and researchers as they undertake research initiatives.

This agenda is a list of priority research topics for law enforcement aimed at, 1) promoting research on these topics, 2) encouraging police/researcher partnerships to conduct that research, and 3) ensuring that research topic selection results in relevant policy to assist the law enforcement community.

The NLERA is the first research agenda issued by the RAC. This document should be seen as a “living document” and will likely be amended and updated in the future.


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