Victim Services Committee

Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Victim Services Committee is to be a catalyst for more effective victim-oriented policing strategies and practices, recognizing that there is a broad spectrum of victims, and that victimization takes many forms. Effective victim-oriented policing shall include the full range of systemic initiatives to actively promote successful, coordinated and culturally competent response to victims."


In fulfillment of this mission, the Victim Services Committee shall accomplish the following goals: 

  • Position, develop, and recognize law enforcement as leaders in effective victim response.
  • Promote systemic response to victims by engaging public and private partnerships.
  • Focus national attention on the seven critical needs of victims: access, support, continuity, voice, information, safety, and justice.
  • Develop policies, training, and legislative initiatives that promote best practices in victim response.
  • Provide oversight, input, and advice to the IACP staff on all projects that relate to victims and victim services.
  • Create and seek funding for new initiatives that address emerging victim issues.


The Victim Service Committee collaborates on a regular basis with IACP staff on current projects involving issues relative to victims of crime.



IACP Staff Committee Liaison:

For more information, please contact the IACP committees team.

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