Vests Save Lives


Police officers are often the target of violence and although they are aware that soft body armor can provide a degree of protection, many officers still refuse to wear it. Many feel that their vests are uncomfortable and extremely hot in the warmer months. This annual campaign is geared at reminding officers of the importance of wearing soft body armor, making them realize that the benefits far outweigh any supposed negatives.

To heighten awareness of the positive reasons for wearing soft body armor, the IACP is requesting that law enforcement agencies support and participate in "VESTS SAVE LIVES". This week long campaign will serve as a reminder of the danger officers face every day. Police departments are requested to publicize the significance of wearing ballistic vests and to encourage their officers to protect themselves so that they can protect others.


To increase awareness of the importance and significance of soft body armor and to increase vest usage among police officers.

  • Increase awareness of the positive reasons for wearing soft body armor, informing officers of how they have contributed to saving lives across the country.
  • Notify agencies of new developments in ballistic vest technology and its potential impact on officer safety.
  • Increase the wearing of soft body armor by police officers across the country.
  • Promote media coverage of the project for enhanced awareness.
Vests Save Lives

The 'Vests Save Lives: Protecting You So You Can Protect Them' poster is available free of charge. Place this poster inside your department as a visible reminder for the importance of wearing a vest. Request a poster today by contacting the IACP Officer Safety Team.


Each year, the Office of Justice Programs BVP Program assists departments by matching up to 50% of the cost of bulletproof vests. Visit for current information.