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Purpose. Carfax, Inc., LoJack Corporation, OnStar, 3M Traffic Safety Systems Division, and the IACP Vehicle Theft Committee, the Vehicle Theft Award of Merit was created for all law enforcement agencies, task forces, councils, community partnerships, and other theft prevention alliances worldwide to showcase the annual results of their vehicle theft prevention and/or enforcement programs.

Individual Criterion. Briefly, but clearly describe Nominee’s 2012 outstanding educational, enforcement, and/or legislative contribution(s) aimed at reducing vehicle thefts and other vehicle-related crimes. Demonstrate the effectiveness of Nominee’s contribution(s). Agencies nominating an individual officer still may submit an agency application.

Agency Criteria. Up to five agencies will be recognized for their outstanding efforts in reducing vehicle theft. Agencies both large and small have an equal chance of winning; entries are judged on initiative, on use of available resources, and on overall results. Agencies also may nominate an individual officer for outstanding contribution(s).

Agency entries are judged on the following criteria:

    Successful Program Efforts: For the Calendar Year 2012, describe your agency’s

    • educational, enforcement, and/or legislative efforts aimed at reducing vehicle thefts
    • new programs implemented to reduce vehicle thefts
    • policy initiatives/guidelines on vehicle theft prevention

    Successful Awareness, Education and Community Partnerships: For the Calendar Year 2012, describe your agency’s

    • public awareness activities to reduce vehicle theft and other vehicle-related crimes
    • educational events to reduce vehicle theft and other vehicle-related crimes
    • community partnerships to reduce vehicle theft and other vehicle-related crimes


    Successful Vehicle Theft Investigation, Fraud Detection and Apprehension:

    For the Calendar Year 2012, describe your agency’s vehicle theft enforcement programs. Highlight any cooperative effort with any other law enforcement agency; any innovative approach to combat auto theft rings, chop-shops, carjackings, etc.; any problem-solving technique; and/or any special campaign.

    Successful Theft Reductions and Recoveries:

    State clearly the results of your agency’s program for the Calendar Year 2012, i.e., the effectiveness of enforcement and/or public awareness efforts on vehicle theft crimes. Include changes in vehicle theft rates and in stolen vehicle recoveries; an application may refer to past years solely to demonstrate program success(es).

    Presentation of Application: Each application will be judged relative to its adherence to the stated guidelines, as well as to the extent to which it answers the following questions:

Judging Process. The applications are judged by members of the IACP Vehicle Theft Committee.

Presentation of Awards. A representative of each winning agency, as well as the law enforcement officer recognized for outstanding contribution(s), is invited each year to attend the Annual IACP Conference where the awards are presented. Travel expenses to the Annual Conference, the cost of one registration, and three nights’ stay at a designated hotel are provided to the winner of each category.

For more information, contact Ben Gorban at (800) 843-4227, x387 or fax (703) 836-4543.

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