IACP/Motorola Trooper of the Year


2015 IACP/Motorola Trooper of the Year Finalists and Winner Announced:

The IACP Division of State and Provincial Police (S&P) awards the 2015 IACP/Motorola Trooper of the Year Award to Trooper Donald Atkinson of the New York State Police. This award recognizes courageous and dedicated officers in state and provincial law enforcement in North America. The men and women of state and provincial agencies perform remarkable work keeping the citizens of their jurisdictions safe. The IACP and Motorola honored the Trooper of the Year, as well as three runners-up on Friday April 1, 2016 in Washington, DC at the IACP S&P Midyear Meeting. 



Trooper Donald Atkinson, New York State Police

Trooper Atkinson was dispatched for a report of a distressed swimmer near a dam. Two witnesses advised that a 14-year-old girl had been sucked into an intake tunnel near where she was swimming. After calling for a fire department rescue boat, Trooper Atkinson determined the girl was choking on water and getting tired. Trooper Atkinson entered the water and swam to the intake tunnel, where he was tossed a rope by a bystander. Trooper Atkinson and a second trooper climbed onto a ledge above the tunnel where they observed the girl struggling to keep her head above water. They threw her the rope, and proceeded to pull her 15 feet through the water and up onto the ledge to safety. Later, the US Army Corps of Engineers advised that no one would have survived had they gone any further into the tunnel, as they would have been underwater, struggling against the current, for a quarter of a mile. Trooper Atkinson’s decision to enter the water put his life at risk, but resulted in saving the life a 14 year old girl.


Trooper First Class Brian Screws, Georgia Department of Public Safety (IACP S&P Southern Region Finalist)

Trooper Krzysztof Piotrowski, Illinois State Police (IACP S&P North Central Finalist)

Trooper James Tedder, South Dakota Highway Patrol (IACP Mountain Pacific Finalist)


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