Training Keys

** Effective January 1, 2016, the Training Keys program will be discontinued**

** Select Keys will be available exclusively to IACP members, free of charge beginning in early 2016**


Training Key Information Packet lists the Training Keys numerically (by volume number) for all Training Keys in Volumes 19-43 (Keys 397-703). Volumes 1-18 are no longer available. Please note that the Keys in the current volume (Volume 43) are only available to subscribers.


Concise, authoritative sources of law enforcement information, these six-page, loose-leaf monographs allow law enforcement officers to expand or sharpen their knowledge, skills and abilities on a broad variety of law enforcement practices and procedures. Each Training Key is prepared by a leading expert and addresses an issue of particular interest to line officers and their supervisors.


For well over 35 years, local and state law enforcement agencies have looked to the Training Keys for the most current information in the science and practice of policing. Ideal for roll-call training and formal classroom instruction as well as independent study, each one includes questions and answers to test and document student learning. All sworn officers can expand their professional law enforcement knowledge by using them systematically and routinely.


Over 300 Training Keys, published in the past 25 years, are available covering over 200 topics, including accident, criminal and death investigation; arrest procedures; arson and bombs; burglary; interrogation and interviews; juvenile delinquency; legal procedures; narcotics and drugs; special tactics; traffic enforcement and control; and vehicle theft, among others.


The Training Keys published in prior years can be purchased in any quantity.  In addition, Training Keys can be purchased individually for $3.00 each. To order individual Training Keys, visit our website at or complete an order form, attach the list of Training Keys and highlight each Training Key that is being ordered. Once completed, fax to Training Keys 703-836-4754 and be sure to include email address. 


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