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Focus on In-Car Camera Video

Technology Desk Reference (TDR)

Law enforcement technology has come a long way since the early days of the radio. Now there are mobile computing technologies, wireless infrastructures, in-car and body worn cameras, computerized records management systems and the list goes on. New technologies bring new questions. The Technology Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) can help you answer these questions.


TTAP was launched in 2004 to assist law enforcement executives deal with the challenges and concerns of critical and emerging technologies by providing products, resources and training. This multi-phased program includes the development and dissemination of the Technology Desk Reference (TDR), Focus on In-Car Camera Video, publication of TechBytes news bulletins, Regional Technology Training.

License Plate Readers

TTAP recently hosted an executive regional training series, Implementing License Plate Reader Technology in Your Community. If you are looking for information on planning, policy development, acquisition, implementation, and/or resources on LPR technology please contact TTAP at,

Additional workshops and informational sessions on LPR will be included at the LEIM Conference in San Diego on June 13-15, 2011. Click here to register and learn more information about LEIM.


Focus on In-Car Camera Video

Focus On In-Car Camera DVD cover
In-car camera systems have become an essential tool in modern law enforcement. However, for all its benefits, an in-car camera doesn’t guarantee officer buy-in or program success.  This video demonstrates how planning and implementation are the keys to a successful in-car camera program that protects officers, their departments, and the citizens they serve. Topics include: Strategic Planning, Storing Evidence, Shopping for a System. View the In-Car Camera Video on-line

More information about In-Car Cameras can be found in the Technology Desk Reference Chapter on In-Car Cameras.

Technology Desk Reference: A Planning and Management Guide (TDR)

This on-line resource provides a wealth of tips and insight for law enforcement executives on how to identify departmental technology needs, and effectively address, manage, and overcome real-world technology challenges.

TTAP Technology Desk Reference and CDGain critical information on five technologies:



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