There are several initiatives associated with the New Executive E-Source:


The New Executive E-Source


The New Executive E-Source is designed to provide easy access to resources for newly appointed or elected law enforcement executives. The information and resources are categorized into topical areas that are common concerns for newer executives in smaller law enforcement agencies. Please utilize the Send Feedback forms located on each page to send program staff your impressions and suggestions for improved layout and additional resources. The New Executive E-Source is provided by the Smaller Agency Technical Assistance Program. This initiative is the result of partnership between the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.




Taking advantage of the services offered by the New Executive E-Source through the IACP, any advice received in the use of this website is purely informal non-binding on anyone and solely for the purpose of guiding users in their career.  This site is intended simply as an educational resource to review general issues confronted in the process of becoming or aspiring to be a law enforcement executive including, but not limited to, administration and management, professionalism and professional ethics. Users should not rely upon any advice and/or statements provided from New Executive E-Source as binding or as a substitute for their professional judgment or own professional opinions.

Neither the IACP nor any mentor provides any warranty of any kind regarding information shared with, divulged to, or given to any user.

As a condition of use of the New Executive E-Source, users agree that they will not file suit or otherwise attempt to hold liable for damages, the IACP, the IACP Smaller Agency Program, and/or any mentor, member, staff or agent of the foregoing (the “released parties”) as a result of or in connection with participation to this site.

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