Smaller Law Enforcement Agency Program

David Banaszynski (M)
Chief of Police
Shorewood Police Department
Shorewood, WI

Randy Bratton (M)
Chief of Police
Corsicana Police Department
Corsicana, TX

Linda M. Consuegra
Assistant Chief of Police
Aspen Police Department
Aspen, CO

Gary Cordner
Department of Criminal Justice
Kutztown University
Kutztown, PA

Elena Danishevskaya (M)
Chief of Police
Holly Police Department
Holly, MI

Jesse Delmar
Chief of Police
Fort McDowell Police Dept
Fort McDowell, AZ

Larry Hesser (M)
Chief of Police (Retired)
Rockwall, TX

David L. Kurz (M)
Chief of Police
Durham Police Department
Durham, NH



(M) - New Police Chief Mentor

Joseph J. LaPorte
Senior Tribal Advisor
Office of the Director of
National Intelligence (ODNI)
Washington, DC

Raymond Loera
Imperial County Sheriff’s Office
El Centro, CA

Terry Milam (M)
Chief of Police
St. John’s Police Department
St. John, MO

Ron R. Roberts
Chief of Police
Olympia Police Department
Olympia, WA

Margaret Ryan
Chief of Police
Dryden Police Department
Dryden, NY

Paul Schultz (M)
Chief of Police
Canon City Police Department
Canon City, CO

Brandon V. Zuidema
Chief of Police
Garner Police Department
Garner, NC

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