Smaller Agency Certificate Track

2013 IACP Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA Room 108 AB Philadelphia Convention Center Saturday, October 19, 2013 – Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Transforming Smaller Police Agencies into High Performance Organizations (Saturday 10AM & Monday 8AM)

Translator-Interpreter Program – How Smaller Agencies can Enhance their Linguistics for Free. (Saturday 1:00PM)

New and Emerging Issues for Smaller Law Enforcement Agencies (Saturday 2:30PM)

Transitioning from a Large to Smaller Agency: A Survival Guide for the New Chief (Sunday 8AM & Wednesday 10AM)

Citizens with Special Needs: How to Keep Community and Officers Safe (Sunday 10AM)

Officer Involved Shootings and the Smaller Agency (Sunday 1PM)

Law Enforcement Encounters with Sovereign Citizens (Sunday 3PM)

Developing and Implementing a Fitness Requirement for Sworn Law Enforcement Officers (Monday 1PM)

Bike Patrol: Improving Wellness and Community Safety (Monday 3PM)

Scams from Area Code 876 – What to do once it happens and how to educate seniors from becoming victims (Tuesday 8AM)

Smart Policing: Using Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Safety (DDACTS) in Smaller Cities and Towns (Tuesday 1PM)

Focusing on Safety not Servers: Moving your Information Infrastructure to the Cloud (Tuesday 3PM)

Improving Officer Safety & Wellness While Reducing Agency Liability (Wednesday 8:00 AM)