IACP Tribute to Slain Officers Sample Presentation

"Today, the International Association of Chiefs of Police acknowledges the death of Officer (use full name the first time it is said) ______ in the service of his/her country.

Officer ____ died doing a job he/she loved, serving a country he/she loved even more. Officer ____ has become a part of all that is decent and honorable and intrepid about American (or other country, if applicable).

But to think that Officer _____ is heroic because of his/her death is to miss the significant of this tribute. What was so noble about Officer _____ was not how he/she died, but how he/she lived.

Officer ____ did not lose his/her life; he/she gave it. This is what we are honoring here today. Police officers pledge to keep our "todays" safe, knowing full well it could cost their "tomorrows."

Today, the International Association of Chiefs of Police presents its tribute to the family of Officer ____. I would like to ask (closest relative) to come forward now to accept this tribute.

(Read the inscription on the tribute.) Your courageous officer's name is now deeply engraved on the IACP's tribute. Please know that who (read officer's name) was and what he/she stood for now burns brightly in the hearts of each and every one of us.

May this tribute serve to acknowledge in some small way the heroic person you loved and lost. The IACP cannot take away your grief, but it is the association's hope that by acknowledging the greatness within the heart of the one you loved, it may help to wipe away your tears.

Please know the heads of so many agencies from all around the world share today in your loss. May this tribute serve as a reminder that Officer ____ will never be forgotten."