Safe & Sober



A multi-year national campaign to capture the imagination, interest, and commitment of those needed to make the campaign a success.




Public information and education to increase public awareness of the risks and costs of traffic crashes and to support enforcement efforts.

  • Enhanced enforcement to reduce impaired driving and increase improved legislation to provide enforceable traffic laws.
  • Compliance with seat belt laws through Special Traffic Enforcement Programs (STEP).




The official publication of the Safe & Sober Campaign is

Buckle Up, America! Dispatch



States have set their own numerical goals for reducing alcohol-related fatalities and increasing seat belt usage.

  • NHTSA sets a national traffic safety agenda by providing quarterly materials with a different program emphasis for each quarter.
  • States and communities are encouraged to conduct periodic, highly visible, enhanced enforcement of impaired driving and seat belt laws.
  • National, state and local organizations are encouraged to work with health care providers and to combine programs (impaired driving and occupant protection, media and enforcement), whenever possible, to enhance efficiency and impact.


For more information, contact Patricia Goven at IACP, 703-836-6767, ext. 276.