2016 President’s Membership Drive

Start Recruiting NOW!

Sponsor New Members for the 2016 President’s Membership Drive

Recruiting new members during the President’s Drive is a perfect time to sponsor members of your staff and be rewarded for your efforts.  Please take this opportunity to sponsor your new officers, students, up-and-comers, and all of your emerging leaders as members of the IACP!

Membership in the IACP is open to EVERYONE involved in law enforcement.  Pay particular attention to the Associate Member Leaders of Tomorrow Sworn Officers category for $75, which includes your sergeants and patrol officers.  Every member of your agency will benefit from becoming a member.  Help to Develop the Leaders of Tomorrow Serving You Today!

Active Membership is open to Command Level Officers serving in all levels of law enforcement. 

Associate Membership is open to:

  • Non-command level officers
  • Civilians working in law enforcement
  • Students
  • University academics and researchers
  • Private and corporate security professionals
  • Law enforcement association and nonprofit professionals
  • Service providers working with law enforcement   

Members who sponsor at least one new member will receive an Official IACP Gift*.

Sponsor 4 new members and receive a free registration to the 2016 IACP Annual Conference and Exposition being held October 15 – 18, 2016, in San Diego, California, USA. (A $350 Value!)

In order to qualify for prizes and incentives the specially coded 2016 President’s Membership Drive application MUST be used.  CLICK HERE for the official application.

2016 President’s Membership Drive Rules and Information:

  1. The new members you sponsor must use the 2016 President’s Membership Drive application to qualify for prizes.  Photocopies are acceptable.
  2. Applications must be received at IACP Headquarters by the close of business August 1, 2016.
  3. Renewing members do not qualify for this drive.
  4. Prizes are non-transferable.
  5. The 2016 IACP Annual Conference & Exposition will be held in San Diego, California, USA October 15 – 18, 2016.
  6. Members will be sent/notified of all prizes & incentives following the conclusion of the drive.
  7. *The first 250 members to sponsor a new member in the drive will receive the Official IACP gift.  The item sent will be at the discretion of the IACP.


For more information, please contact:  membership@theiacp.org