Patrol and Tactical Operations Committee

This committee shall survey, evaluate, and report on existing and experimental patrol and special operations strategies and tactics found to be particularly effective. Special operations include special weapons and tactics activities, hostage negotiations, bomb disposal, riot control, disaster coverage, VIP protection, and special events coverage. This committee shall also act as the official liaison agency of this Association with the civil defense agencies and other emergency services in the United States and other nations represented in this Association; represent this Association in its relationship with all other public and civic agencies interested or working directly in the field of civil defense and the handling of local disasters; keep fully abreast of and fully informed on the programming and activities of said civil defense and local disaster planning agencies; advise and counsel those agencies concerning general participation of state and local police agencies in civil defense and local disaster programs; and report to this Association as frequently as is necessary for dissemination to its members and all police agencies in the United States pertinent information and recommendations that will advance and assist police cooperation in national and local emergencies.


2008 Mumbia, India Attacks (Note:  This is a members only document which will require you to login.)

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