Past Presidents Committee

This committee is comprised of past presidents of the Association who shall meet and discuss law enforcement issues, giving the current governing body the benefit of their expertise. The committee shall be responsible for advising the Association on the ways and means necessary to track, record, and preserve the history and artifacts of IACP and its members and officers; it will maintain a plan for creating a complete historical record of the association's early history and for expanding the record as the years progress; annually, the committee will approve a narrative account of the association's activities that, when approved by the Executive Committee, shall become a permanent part of the association's historical record; and, to carry oversight responsibilities for all IACP activities that pertain to the association's history. Each year the President will appoint a Committee Chairman. Each year the President may also appoint a member of the committee who will be known as the Association's Historian. Past elected treasurers may be invited to serve as ex-officio members by the committee. The Executive Director shall serve as an ex-officio member of the committee.


List of Past Presidents.


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