Police Officer of the Year Honorees

Since 1966, the IACP has partnered with PARADE magazine, Alcatel-Lucent, and most recently, Target to honor outstanding achievement in law enforcement. While the name of the award has changed from the Policeman of the Year to the Police Officer of the Year, the tradition of honor continues. To learn more about each officer, click on his/her name. We are proud to highlight these examples of exemplary police officers and encourage you to stay tuned for more information about the 2017 IACP/Target Police Officer of the Year nomination process. 

2016 - Captain William Villanova, Prefecture de Police de Paris, France

2015 – Officer Scott T. Angulo, Tallahassee, Florida, Police Department

2014 – Officer James F. Cunningham, San Francisco, California, Police Department

2013 – Trooper First Class Timothy A. Strohmeyer, Pennsylvania State Police

2012 – Lieutenant Adam Kosheba, Pennsylvania State Police

2011 – Chief of Intelligence Martin Torres Guzman, Costa Rica Policia

2011 – Officer Michael Neal, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission*

2010 – Trooper Matthew Cochran, Virginia State Police

2009 – Officer Pedro Garcia, III, San Antonio, Texas, Police Department

2008 – Officer Michael Nilles, Aurora, Illinois, Police Department

2007 – Officer Roy Gilbert, Detroit, Michigan, Police Department

2006 – Officer Robert Wuller, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Police Department

2005 – Deputy Jennifer Fulford, Orange County, Florida, Sheriff’s Department

2004 – Sergeant Marcus Young, Ukiah, California, Police Department

2003 – Lieutenant Scott Seekins, Lockport, New York, Police Department

2002 – Sergeant Chip Sunier, Indiana State Police

2001 – Sergeant Joseph Farina, Newark, New Jersey, Police Department

2000 – Officer Dennis Devitte, Las Vegas, Nevada, Police Department

1999 – Detective David Foster, Newark, New Jersey, Police Department

1998 – Trooper Charles M. West, New Hampshire State Police

1997 – Officer Thomas C. Harwood, Grant Park, Illinois, Police Department

1996 – Multi-Jurisdictional: Corporal Regina Bonny, Midwest City, Oklahoma, Police Department;
Special Agent David Schickendanz, Drug Enforcement Agency; Detective Sergeant Robert Campbell,
Sergeant Rod Hill, Officer Jim Ramsey, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Police Department

1995 – Detective Arlene Beckles, New York, New York, Police Department

1994 – Lieutenant Lloyd Prescott, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sheriff’s Department

1993 – Sergeant Rory Tuggle, Las Vegas, Nevada, Metropolitan Police Department

1992 – Patrolman David Foumai, Honolulu, Hawaii, Police Department

1991- Officers Vernice Brown and Alan Johnson, Pompano Beach, Florida, Police Department

1990 – Officer Katherine Heller, U.S. Park Police, Washington, DC 

1989 – Officer Gregory Jaglowski, Chicago, Illinois, Police Department

1988 – Sergeant Richard Beckman, Cloverdale, California, Police Department

1987 – Sergeant Kenneth Pollock, Maryland State Police

1986 – Special Agent Edmundo Mireles, Federal Bureau of Investigation

1985 – Commander William M. Rathburn, Los Angeles, California, Police Department

1984 – Captain Richard Z. Voorhees, Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, Police Department

1983 – Trooper Roy Boleyn, Kentucky State Trooper

1982 – Officer Ed Weaver, San Francisco, California, Police Department

1981 – Special Agent Dennis V.N. McCarthy; Special Agent Timothy J. McCarthy;
Special Agent in Charge Jerry S. Parr; Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge Raymond A. Shaddick
United States Secret Service

1980 – Officer James E. Wolsch, Austin, Texas, Police Department

1979 – Sergeant Myron J. Lofgren, Minnesota State Patrol

1978 – Sergeant Robert A. DiMartini, New York City, New York, Police Department

1977 – Officer Greg MacAleese, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Police Department

1976 – Sergeant James Hopkins, Dayton, Ohio, Police Department

1975 – Officer Larry Ostrowski, Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff’s Department

1974 – Officer Howard G. Skillings, St. Paul, Minnesota, Police Department

1973 – Detective Gerry Green & Detective Walter Clerke, Miami, Florida, Police Department

1972 – Patrolman Jake Miller, New Orleans, Louisiana, Police Department

1971 – Patrolman Wesley Ridlon, Portland, Maine, Police Department

1970 – Sergeant Paul E. Fabian, Rotterdam, New York, Police Department

1969 – Sergeant Weston S. Robinson, Manteca, California, Police Department

1968 – Officer Donald E. Rask, Denver, Colorado, Police Department

1967 – Detective William Copeland, Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department

1966 – Sergeant Philip Dwyer, St. Louis, Missouri, Police Department