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Success Stories of N-DEx

N-DEx Locates Murder Suspect

In the spring of 2008, a suspect and two co-conspirators allegedly invaded a home in Philadelphia, PA. While conducting the invasion, the suspect shot and killed the owner of the home. The suspect was identified in subsequent investigation by the Philadelphia Police Department in 2011 and an arrest warrant was issued in his name; however the location of the suspect was unknown. The FBI Philadelphia Violent Crimes Squad aided the investigation by inputting the suspect's name into an N-DEx query for additional information. In seconds N-DEx had located a report from Wilmington, DE, where the police department had made contact with the suspect in an inactive domestic abuse case from 2010. The records also included a probable address of the suspect and noted that of the suspect had a wife and two children at the residence. With this information derived by N-DEx, the Wilmington, DE FBI agents and Wilmington PD SWAT team were able to execute the arrest of the suspect while ensuring the safety of the children and wife. Here N-DEx help locate a suspect and gave law enforcement situational information so that they could execute an arrest without incident.

N-DEx Closes a Missing Persons Case

Detectives had been investigating a missing person';s case in National City, CA for over two years. Upon receiving N-DEx access, the investigators were able to run a search on the missing person's name through the system. In seconds, N-DEx pulled up records showing the missing person had been arrested and incarcerated in a nearby county. After contacting the correctional institute that the inmate was indeed the missing person, the detectives were able to close their case and allocate their resources to other cases. Here N-DEx closed an investigation and saved the department valuable resources and man hours.

N-DEx Makes Connections Across State Lines

After an accident involving a rented truck, a Kansas State Trooper was conducting a post-crash inspection of the vehicle and found unused glass pipes and exotic smoking devices. The trooper knew that these items could be used to make drug paraphernalia, so the trooper searched the N-DEx on the name of the renter from the rental form for the truck. The search brought up files from a case involving drug-related activity in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas cases, which confirmed the troopers suspicion that the suspect had connections to drug activities. With this information, a judge signed an arrest warrant on the suspect and a money laundering investigation was opened by the IRS on the suspect. Here N-DEx was able to provide key connections from separate states to provide enough information to justify probable cause.